New song: Creepy Internet Guy!

Thought you guys might like to know that we’ve been in the studio again! And we got some pretty cool songs on the way. The first one to be officially done is a Beatles parody called “Creepy Internet Guy.” It’s a parody of George Harrison’s classic “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and features Steve Goodie doing a kickass reproduction of Eric Clapton’s guitar solo.

The song can be heard on our MySpace page, the music page, or can be downloaded for free right here:

Creepy Internet Guy

The New EP is soon to be released!!!

So two weekends ago we all went into the studio again and finished the rest of the material for the new EP! The EP’s offical title is “you are what you eat”, We are all very excited about the new EP because it’s the first cd we have done in a professional studio. It should be out really soon. We are sending them to the manufactuers this week! here’s a little sneak peek of the cover!

We are really excited about our new EP!!! Be on the look out for it!

Bandwith schmandwith

Sorry for the downtime.

Brendan broke the website.

Someone should kick him.

Site Bandwidth Deal

Sorry about the whole site being offline for over half a month. We had an unexpected rush to the website and didn’t notice there was an error in the media players for each of the songs. Apperently it loaded every single song when you went to the Music page. I’m currently working on fixing that. Sorry for the inconvience. I hope you enjoy the website!

Update: It should be fixed now, or at least I hope it is…

New Website thingy

Well, it’s that time of year again… yep, time to completely change the website! So we changed it up. We now have this blog thingy that you all can comment on, and now guess what, you can stream every single freakin’ song of ours right here on the website for free.

Of course, if you’re so inclined, there’s also links to buy each song in high quality for just $1.

Thing is, those are all the old songs. We’re making a lot of new stuff now, and we’re recording in an actual recording studio! That’s right, no more horrible sounding home recordings that you hear on Jumping the Shark and Advanced at Nothing! Very soon we’ll have an EP finished up for you all, and it’ll be available by all the usual means… iTunes, CDBaby, this website… you know.

You may have noticed we ditched the forums. Those were kinda dead, anyway.

NBW in the Studio

We’ve all been working really hard in the studio trying to prepare a new album and a new EP for all you. It’s sounding really good and we all hope that you will enjoy it once we release it! Be on the lookout for the EP in late January and for the album before this summer!

Nuclear Bubble Wrap New Site!

Well, we figured that we needed to update the website. So we did. You can now also buy or listen to our music on our website!! Yes, all of it! I hope you all enjoy the website.