At long last, our new album Psycho Delicacy is almost complete! This is seriously the album we’ve always wanted to make and we’re crazy proud of it, guys. We give a HUGE THANKS to everybody who helped us out and donated to our Kickstarter. The album is almost done and the rewards are definitely coming!

Pre-order by clicking the button above. The CD is $10 plus $2 shipping, and everybody who pre-orders will get a bonus CD filled with songs that were cut from the album, and home demos of new songs that might show up on the next one. This album contains 21 songs and 73 minutes worth of music! And being able to share every minute of it is a treat for us. As such, we’re releasing a free mp3 of a new song today as well! The song is called “So Many Fwends” and it’s kinda meant to sound like schizophrenia. Since this album is a bit of a concept album about a descent into insanity, we figured this would be a nice one to represent that.

So Many Fwends

Track credits:
Jace McLain: vocals, keyboards, accordion, percussion
Kyle Thorne: guitars, bass, keyboards
Eric Zhu: drums
Austin Aeschliman: whispering

And if you want to sample some more songs from the album before pre-ordering, you can download some free mp3s of more songs from Psycho Delicacy right here, dudes.
Lizards in the Sky
Trunk of Secrets
Making Christmas
Radiation Mutation Transformation